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  特朗普的言语技巧能受人质怀疑难,但此雕刻位美国尽统的日用语已对英语形成了影响,此雕刻在最新增补养的皇冠体育在线,开奖品直播中却见壹斑。皇冠体育在线,开奖品直播情节开辟担负人装置格斯?史蒂文森说,新增词汇"clicktivism"(网绕点击举触动主义)、"haterade"(顶点仇怨怨)、"otherize"(异己己)和"herd mentality"(羊帮心态)邑与特朗普拥关于。


  Donald Trump's linguistic dexterity may be questionable, but the US president's lexicon has had an impact on the English language, which is reflected in the latest additions to, the online reference guide to current English.


  New coinages that reflect the latest wave of online political activism form a significant section of more than 300 new definitions in the database, which is a sister work to the Oxford English Dictionary.


  Additions including "clicktivism" (a pejorative word for armchair activists on social media), "haterade" (excessive negativity, criticism, or resentment), "otherize" (view or treat – a person or group of people – as intrinsically different from and alien to oneself) and "herd mentality" (the tendency for people's behaviour or beliefs to conform to those of the group to which they belong) all emerged during the 2016 battle for the White House, said head of content development Angus Stevenson.

  皇冠体育在线,开奖品直播情节开辟担负人装置格斯?史蒂文森说,新增词汇带拥有"clicktivism"(网绕点击举触动主义)、"haterade"(顶点仇怨怨)、"otherize"(异己己)和"herd mentality"(羊帮心态),它们邑曾出产当今2016年的白宫选战中。

  "We are getting a convergence of high-level politics and online language in quite a new way," Stevenson said. "We had all the words around Brexit in the last update and we are now starting to see all the words around Trump coming into the dictionary."