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  aHow long can I keep the book? 我多久却以管书? [translate]

  aADD my QQ 正翻译,请收听候... [translate]

  a很好 谢谢 你呢 Very good thanks you [translate]

  aHigh off the law, drunk from my hate 高法度,喝从我的仇怨怨 [translate]

  aBoth of them have different 他们两个拥有不一 [translate]

  aOur email address:; 正翻译,请收听候... [translate]

  a更多的树 More trees [translate]

  a此雕刻桌儿子是徐进和皓月的 This table is Xu Jin and the bright moonlight [translate]

  a我皓天什么东方正西邑没拥有拥有吃! I any thing all have not eaten today! [translate]

  ais sealed and insulated for 被稠密查封同时被绝缘为 [translate]

  a我坚硬信他们壹定会佰折不挠 I deeply believed they can certainly would rather die than surrender [translate]

  a病原微生物专业 Pathogenic microorganism specialty [translate]

  aJohn cannot afford to go to university, (更不用说出产国了). John cannot afford to go to university, (say nothing of went abroad). [translate]

  a日绿草坪 Is often green the lawn [translate]

  ai miss not writing you email for the past days 我错度过不写您电儿子邮件在度过去天 [translate]

  a肖富 Xiao Fu [translate]

  a此雕刻是好多种鱼类雄心的栖息地 This is many fish ideal habitats [translate]

  a正西北边的整顿地 Northwest mountain [translate]

  a觉得己己己好傻 Thinks well oneself silly [translate]

  a了松腔腹泻患者终止病原检测的特点,剖析其病原检测的比比值和影响要斋,为创制公共保健政策供根据。 Understood the diarrhea patient carries on the cause of disease examination the characteristic, analyzes its cause of disease examination the ratio and the influence factor, provides the basis for the formulation public health policy. [translate]

  a我们将要规划做己愿者在奥运会上 We are going to plan is the volunteer at Olympic Games [translate]

  athrs animal has fur and four long legs thrs animal has fur and four long legs [translate]

  a邑给我们在场的师生剩了深雕刻印象。 All the teachers and students who presents to us have made the deep impression. [translate]

  aバタバタ バタバタ [translate]

  a在还愿生活中父亲微少半影片是被动的爆力的甚到是杜撰的 The majority movies are the negative explosive force even are fictionalize in the practical life


  a佩的两团弄体很羡慕他的新鞋儿子 正翻译,请收听候... [translate]