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  1 (a) during the time that; when 在...时间; 当...的时分: He fell asleep while (he was)

  doing his homework. 他做著做著干业就睡著了. * While I was in Madrid there was a carnival.

  我在马道德里的时分正赶上狂乐节. * While (locked up) in prison, she wrote her first novel.

  她在狱中写出产了第壹部小说书. (b) at the same time as 与...同时: While Mary was writing a letter,

  the children were playing outside. 玛丽写信时孩儿子邑在外面面玩男. * He listens to the radio

  while driving to work. 他去放工壹边开著车壹边收听音乐. * I lived in a hostel while I was a

  student. 我寻求学时间住在青年招待所里.

  2 (used to show a contrast 用以体即兴对比或相反的情景): I drink black

  coffee while he prefers it with cream. 我酷爱喝清咖啡而他喜乐加以奶油的. * English is understood

  all over the world while Turkish is spoken by only a few people outside Turkey

  itself. 英语世界畅通行, 但土耳其语瓜分本国就很微少拥有人说了.

  3 (fml 文) although 固然: While I admit that

  there are problems, I don't agree that they cannot be solved. 固然我招认拥有效实存放在,



  We were having dinner when they came. 他们到来的时分,我们正吃米饭。

  I was reading a newspaper at nine o'clock yesterday evening. 昨深九点我在看报纸。

  What were you doing last summer? 上年夏季日你干什么到来着?

  He was talking all the time. 他壹雕刻不竭地在说话。


  While you were away, two persons came to see you. 你不在时拥有两团弄体到来找你。

  While the teacher paraphrased the text in English, the students listened attentively and took notes. 当教养员用英语阐释课文时,同班们剩意地收听同时做着笔记。

  while还却用干一视同仁包词,相当于whereas, 衔接壹个体即兴对比的一视同仁分句子。如:

  Mary was dressed in blue while Jane was dressed in red. 玛丽穿蓝色衣物,而珍妮穿白色衣物。