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  同班们邑会把副数却数名词变为副数方法,却当我们在做“将副数句子变为副数句子”此雕刻种题目时,日日会“秉襟见肘”,出产即兴不微少错误。你难道不例外面吗?那就Have a try!



  1. This is achair.

  2. Is that apencil-box?

  3. He is a goodboy.

  4. Is it a ruler ?

  5. I am an Englishteacher.

  6. This is my newbook.

  7. That blue eraser ismine.

  8. What’s this inEnglish?

  9. I am a driver.

  10. She has a pencil sharpener.

  11. Is it a pear ?

  12. This is mypen.

  13. He likes hisbike.

  14. Is that an appletree?

  15. He is a mandoctor.

  16. What’s your telephonenumber?

  17. Where is yourcomputer?

  18. Are you in Class One?

  19. --Is that his brother?--No, it isn’t.

  20. --Is she my teacher?--Yes, she is.

  21. I am at home.

  22. He can have a look at this picture.



  1. These are (some)chairs.

  2. Are those (any) pencil-boxes?


  this→these, that→these。第1、2小题便是如此。

  3. They are(some) good boys.

  4. Are they(any) rulers?

  5. We are Englishteachers.


  主格:I→we, you→you, he/she/it→they

  客格:me→us, you→you, him/her/it→them。第3、4、5小题便是如此。

  6. These are our(my) new books.

  7. Those blue erasers areours.


  描绘词性物主代词:my→our, your→your, his/her/its→their

  名词性物主代词:mine→ours, yours→yours, his/her/its→theirs。第6、7小题便是如此。

  8. What are these inEnglish?

  9. We are (some)drivers.